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Wedding Updates

To all the (seemingly millions) of people asking me about my wedding plans, this one is for you.
Weddings are exciting and beautiful and sentimental. They are also huge pressure-pots of expectation, emotions and stress. We already have a ton of those things in our lives right now (moving in together, new jobs, etc.) so the wedding planning has stayed decidedly on the back burner until our lives are just a smidge more settled. So here you go - exactly where I am in the wedding planning process:

1. Pinterest
I've collected some lovely pictures (mostly with the help of wonderful people who have pinned things for me themselves). Here are some of my favorites:
We'd like to get married outside! here
Awesome patterned invites- here

Love the blue and white runner
Pattern & Lanterns - must haves! here
starry tent reception
Love a starry tent reception! here

2. General Preferences: Fall, outdoor, bright colors, fun music, great food.

3. Location: we have a scrawled-out list on a piece of yellow legal paper. Indy area, outdoor component, slightly out-of-the ordinary if possible :)

5. Facebook: my facebook friends rock. After one appeal, I've gotten so many websites and magazine resources to look at:,, etc. Thanks guys!

That's it, I promise! It just hasn't been happening, y'all. We are so excited for this to be a fun process, to involve all of our dear friends and family in this exciting time. It'll be a challenge for sure - we've got busy lives, budget constraints (gotta save up for a sweet honeymoon!), and we're living away from the location and the majority of our family and friends. But just you wait, once we get 'er done, it's gonna be awesome! So thanks for your patience- and stay tuned!



  1. I have a friend who's pro makeup and does hair. Will keep her on retainer.

  2. It's been 12 years since I planned a wedding. It can be really stressful but it sounds like you're handling it well. My advice is to personalize the ceremony (for me that meant a lot of special songs and a ballet soloist) and get a great photographer and videographer. And then just have a really fun party. :)


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