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Bruges Bedrooms

Sorry I've been on radio silence, y'all. Things have been super hectic lately AND I've just recovered from a nice case of food posoining. 
Thanks for sticking around!

Our trip to Paris is coming up sooner than anyone can quite imagine, and my assignment is to find a hotel for our day trip to Bruges (yes, it's been decided!) while The Boy finds out the details of the Tour de France and Mom gets some of the evening/shopping excursions ironed out. Exciting!

Here are my qualifications for a great hotel:
-Price: anything under $200 is pretty good for Europe
-Location: after a day exploring, I don't want to have to hike out to the boonies for the night. Central in the city is crucial!
-Quirkiness: If I wanted a Best Western, I'd stay in this hemisphere. Give me Euro, give me glam, give me quaint - just give me something!
-Romance: This is our only night not staying in my mom's one bedroom apartment in Paris. Nuf said?

So, I already mentioned that I would love to stay at the De Barge Hotel - which is actually on a real barge, floating on the water!

Boat Hotel Restaurant De Barge Brugge, Belgie

Price: 99E/$125.64 -- not bad!
Location: looks pretty good - right on the water, naturally
Quirkiness: 9/10. Can't get much better than a boat-hotel
Romance: 5/10. Cramped quarters and the possibility of sea-sickness.

Relais Bourgondisch Cruyce: This hotel was voted best Best Luxury Hotel WORLD WIDE in 2008 and is so, so chic. Look at that historic exterior right on the canal...
Price: 155E/$171.96 
Location: Awesome - right on the canals, amazing historic district.
Qurikiness: 5/10. Historic, alright, but the website shows guests checking in with their Louis Vuitton luggage while dinky classical music plays. Not quite my scene. And that standard room? Pretty bare.
Romance: 7/10. A little cramped, bare white walls, but the neighborhood would be sweet to walk around.

Hotel de Orangerie, Bruges, Belgium

Hotel de Orangerie, Bruges, Belgium

Price: 185E/ $228.97 - kinda steep!
Location: Great, look at that beautiful little avenue!
Quirkiness: 6/10. This is a pretty classically beautiful hotel, but the common spaces have some quirky touches - like a log wall and multicultural decor. Plus, it's a converted convent! Ghost stories, anyone?
Romance: 9/10. I don't know about the Gate Room, which is the cheapest one available, but all the pictures look decadent and infinitely romantic...

Baroness room - Breakfast inclusive - Double or Twin Room

Price: A "Baroness" Room, like the one above, is 160E/$205. Doable - for one night only!
Location: good, and look at that garden!
Quirkiness: 6/10 If that pink room isn't quirky, I don't know what is. It's the home of a 16th century bookmaker, so that's cool too.
Romance: 7/10 Small, quaint, pink with cherubs. Definitely romantic.

Price: 109E/$134.90
Location: 4km outside the main part of the city, this B&B has a completely different feel - and I love that. But would it be convenient?
Quirkiness: 8/10 This is basically a farm. There are horse and chickens involved.
Romance: 8/10 Very earthy, rustic romance.

Location: right in the historic center of town.
Quirkiness: 5/10- love that mix of modern and antique furnishings
Romance: 8/10 - this place just looks sweet and airy.

Oh, this is so disappointing - but I can't get any pictures of this one of their website! It's amazing and right on a tiny, ancient canal. I've already sent them an email about their availability...
Price: 150E/ $185
Location: AMAzING
Quirkiness; 7/10 - it's completely filled with antiques. Maybe more charming than quirky, but still....
Romance: 10/10 - only 4 rooms and right near a little kissing bridge. Sign me up. Fingers crossed this one's open!

Which one would you pick?? I'll let you know what works out...


  1. So glad you're back! If the Cote Canal isn't available, I'd pick the one with the garden. So beautiful!

  2. Hoeve Westdijk, boat hotel, or Inne's Bed and Breakfast.


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