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Are you getting excited for the Summer Olympics? Normally, I'm a winter sports gal - gotta love those ice skaters, right? But leave it to the interwebs to get me geared up for the summer sports too. Check out these awesome images (via twentytwowords) of pole vaulters celebrating before they hit the ground...

Love that last guy - he looks like he's just laying out at the beach...

And as much fun as those shots makes modern sports look, take a look at some of the retired sports of past Olympics....

The United States tug of war team in action during the 1908 London Olympics at White City Stadium.
Tug of War

Sir Cosmo Duff Gordon, right, later a Titanic survivor, and two British fencing teammates hold dueling pistols at the 1908 London Games, though the individual event was held only in 1906. And none of the duelists was actually shot.
Dueling pistols...wait, what?!

Yep, those are Dueling Pistols -no actual contestants were shot, thankfully. Instead, participants shot at dressed dummies in the arena. Hard to imagine why they cancelled that exciting exhibition, in addition to other classics like the 12-hr bike race, the tandem bike race, and the tug of war.
 Read more in this NY Times article.
And finally, the amazing grace and beauty of Olympic diver Patricia McCormick competing at the 1952 Helsinki Olympics where she earned a gold medal. Such a cool art piece, featured on my fav blog: A Cup of Jo.

Tell me, are you excited for the Olympics? What sport, present, past or imaginary, would you participate in? I'm all for the volleyball, baby... and the ice dancing!


  1. Rhythmic gymnastics is almost as good as ice dancing. I also enjoy diving and swimming. B says his favorite Olympic sport is the breast stroke :p (TMI?)

  2. Hey, I just wanted to check on you. I know there have been storms & power outages (plus the heat wave we're all suffering) in your area. I hope you're OK.

    1. Aww, thanks Selah! The heat has been oppressive-and I've been sick- but everything is ok! How are things in your neck of the woods?

  3. It's even hotter than usual for a Carolina summer but we're dealing with it. Thank goodness we have an equal payment plan with Duke Energy or our electric bill would be sky high this month!
    I'm sorry you've been sick but very glad you're OK!


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