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Hello my friends! I've finally taken a "petit moment" to upload some pictures and get them pretty for you. Rest assured, I'll get to all the nitty gritty, day-by-day excitement when I get home, but here's a little preview of our first day:

First lunch - a croque-monsieur! Lovely ham and toast sandwich drowned in melted cheese.

Voici La Louvre! We took a walk through the courtyard on our way to the Seine. Matt didn't quite understand the nature of this photo...

The Seine, the beautiful, roiling river that separates the city, was dark gray and moody that day.

After walking along the river for a bit, we jumped in line at Notre Dame. The rose window pooled light into the dark cavern of the cathedral. Hard to imagine the work and care that has gone into these amazing windows.

The cathedral is still very much an active place of worship. Parishoners and visiters light candles for their prayers.

Such a wonderful first day! We got home shortly after and collapsed for a nap. 
More later, mes amis!

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