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Bon Voyage!

Ok, folks! I'm off on my big adventure to Paris! Everything is packed and ready (though I'm known to throw an armful of junk in at the last minute-resist!resist!) I try to be thoughtful in my packing - I don't want to lug a bunch of stuff around and I certainly need extra room to bring home souvenirs (lifetime supply of macarons anybody?) Thought you might like a peak into my suitcase - since you can't have a ride in it.
Carry-on: This is a great Vera Bradley bag with lots of pockets. 
Clockwise from Left: One novel, noise cancelling headphones (Bose), travel journal, deck of cards, gum, magazines (my favorite travel reading), Emergen-C packets, toiletries, travel wallet, pouch with odds and ends (chapstick, tylenol, etc.) Oh, and I got a pedicure ;).

Suitcase: I'm taking one carry-on size bag. No checked baggage if I can help it!
Clockwise from Left: Guidebook and novel (I've since nixed the novel - one is enough!), underthings, granola bars, electrical stuff (chargers, international cell phone, etc.), PJs, pair of nice shoes for evenings, 2 easy dresses, 4 short sleeved shirts, 2 pairs of comfy-cute jeans (I'll wear one on the plane), walking shoes, toiletry case. Not pictured: black rain coat.

Here's how it all looks packed in. I added long sleeve shirt and a day purse at the last minute. I like to fold bigger pieces or things that get wrinkly and roll the rest. 
And here's my travel outfit. I like to wear a jacket so I don't have to pack it.  The black lump on the left is a nice corduroy blazer that looks chic with everything. Stretchy jeggings, a tee and my walking shoes make the whole outfit. Oh, and a pair of fuzzy socks I'll change into when it gets cold!

Getting through the airport is never fun but it doesn't have to be a hassle. I keep things like my toiletries and computer on the top or outside pockets so I can hurl those out the minute I get to security. My goal is never to hold up a line in an airport, so if that means taking my belt off and unlacing my shoes 5 minutes early, so be it. And it never hurts to smile at the security folks....

Bon Voyage, all! I'll try to update with some pics while I'm away.


  1. Safe Travels! Have a wonderful time. eileen

  2. Be safe and have a fabulous time! LOVE that pink chevron stripe dress!


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