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Praying at the Altar of Technology

Do you ever feel like you pray to the altar of technology? Sure, C3P0 might make a benevolent overlord, but who knows the true motives of our Dell workstations and iPhones?  

Some nights it really hits me: I've spent all day with some kind of screen in front of my face -  my computer for 8 hours, my cell phone and my TV in the evenings. If I got a kindle to read on, I'd eliminate the only real non-tech entertainment media I use. 

I'll wander out to the porch, intending to read or log-on to Pinterest, and I'll realize: maybe I don't need to be entertained. Maybe I can just sit here, watch the clouds roll in and wait for the spring rains to fall. If I squint my eyes a bit, to obscure the parked cars and telephone wires, I can almost imagine living in a time where this week's blockbuster was an impressive sunset over the mountains and a text message was a particularly poignant verse of scripture. Sure, people back then would have died for a chance to watch the new Avengers movie in 3-D but that doesn't mean we shouldn't remember to value the simple things. So tonight, I'm going to enjoy some face-to-face time with family, read a little, and watch the stars. 

Hope you'll join me!

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