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Work Wednesday - Online Volunteering

Every now and again I interject some thoughts on work life on the blog. I'm going to try to organize these subjects onto Work Wednesdays ... not every week, just as they come to mind. Hope you enjoy!

Are you ever stuck at the computer, piddling through the umpteenth blog post advising you on how to transform that antique toilet paper holder into an impressive interior decor item and wondering -- isn't there something better I could be doing with my time?
Maybe it's this: Online volunteering with the UN at  What an amazing concept. In this day of global interconnectedness, you can work with a NGO in faraway Tanzania or Thailand via the internet. Many NGOs submit requests for assistance with webpage design, blog content writing or translating, assistance with online courses or even fundraising. Passionate about women's empowerment? Search for opportunities with NGOs focusing on justice and equality for women. Love Africa? Choose your favorite area and volunteer with a group from there.

Regions Image
This could also be a really great way to beef up a resume. We all have so many skills that may not be reflected on that one-page resume. Volunteering could be a great way to get experience with those skills and highlight them on your resume.

I've done a little informal volunteering like this with a fair trade group in East Africa. I helped them work on a business proposal and marketing pieces, and it was a great chance to wake up some brain cells that have languished, unused, at my current job. And I killed a couple empty hours - win win!

Got any other great volunteering ideas? Would you volunteer online?


  1. It's so cool that as the world gets "smaller" our volunteering can reach farther.
    I volunteer on a local level by preparing and delivering meals to people who are ill or injured. It is a very tangible way of showing someone that they are loved.
    My husband and I also do something that people don't seem to talk about much. We tithe. That means we give at least 10% of our gross salaries to our church and other charitable organizations.

  2. Selah, I love both of those ideas! The cooking would be a great way to try out cooking new recipes and volunteering at the same time. My grandparents tithe and have encouraged me to do so to. I think it's a great goal!

  3. Goal is the perfect word for it. It is something we had to decide and determine to do. We have to plan and budget for it. It can sometimes hurt. But we know we are doing something truly important with the money God has blessed us with the ability to earn.


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