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Carry Me With You

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As promised in this post, I thought I would present you with a few of my favorite travel products. I admit, one of my favorite parts about a trip is the preparatory shopping I do beforehand! And since bags and backpacks are probably my most valued and expensive purchases, here are my top picks:

I can't say enough about PacSafe products (no, I'm not being paid - though I wouldn't mind! wink wink). Their products are designed to keep your belongings safe, in a variety of situations. When I went to India, I was super anxious about pick pockets and losing my passport. Thieves are known to follow behind people carrying backpacks and slash the bottoms out of the packs to collect their belongings.

Pacsafe Day Safe 200 Travel Laptop Backpack (PA061)

This backpack is threaded with metal wire to prevent slashing - and also has a built in lock so you can secure your pack while you're sleeping or traveling.

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In a similar vein, this purse - the perfect size for a wallet, map and money - has a metal reinforced strap to prevent slashing. It also has additional anti-theft features on the closures.

Did I need all this security? Maybe not - I never had any instances where I was physically threatened. But I felt so much better not having to worry about my belongings - that alone was worth the price of these products.

Detail Image

If you're not traveling in an area where safety is a big concern, nothing beats a good Northface backpack. They're lighter than the PacSafe and I've carried one of these, abandoned by some silly kid at my highschool, all over the world and it's still kicking. Great size, nice pockets, dependable zippers, comfortable straps - the whole nine yards. Expensive, yes, I know, but investing in good luggage is a hallmark of adulthood - and expert traveler-hood. 
You know what I mean....


Finally, given all the sunscreen, bug repellent,  and, oh, hundreds of necessary beauty products I carry with me, a good cosmetic bag is a must. I look for one that hangs-like this Bags for Less version. A handle is also nice if you're sharing a bathroom in a hostel or B & B. 

What bags/packs do you love? And do you kind of grow a bond with your travel bags? Mine are kind of like old friends....

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