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Awkward Easter

Motorcycle Riding Chocolate Double Easter Bunny 3.5 oz $7.00
How is it Easter already? I feel all discombobulated... oh well, maybe a chocolate bunny couple riding a motorcycle will help. 

Easter has always been kind of  a wild a holiday in our family ... marathon egg hunts, complete with good eggs (cash) and bag eggs (filled with a variety of disturbing things...our family lived on a farm-use your imagination).

 It's definitely one of the more awkward holidays, in general. I mean, it's almost comically confusing from a kid's point of view: so, Easter is the day that Jesus rose from the dead so a large magical bunny visits all the children leaving behind neon eggs filled with candy? WHAT IS UP WITH THIS, AMERICA? 

Evil Easter bunny...from "Awkward Family Photos" lol
Awkward Family Photos, via Pinterest

I doubt this Easter will be quite as epic as holidays past. We're planning to see most of the family at different points throughout the weekend, mostly at meal time (uh, duh) to maximize enjoyment and sugar consumption. 

I've made up a few Easter baskets for the fam -- always a great economics lesson when I get home and wonder how in the HELL I spent 30 bucks on dollar bin Easter crap. Oh, well. Joy of the season, right?
Pinned Image
via Pinterest
Enjoy your peeps and eggs, folks!


  1. My son was expressing confusion over Easter this morning. I was explaining to the kids the meaning of Good Friday and Easter Sunday and he asked "What do bunnies and colored eggs have to do with Jesus?"
    I explained that bunnies, eggs, flowers, etc. all arrive in the spring and are symbols of new life and that's why we use them to celebrate the Resurrection. Not too bad for off the cuff, huh?

  2. Really good! Well done :)


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