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Ooooh Pretty!

Hi friends! I'm sorry for neglecting you lately ... but really, my time has been put into other aspects of the blog today. Check out the new and improved Voyage-On: shiny new header, soothing background colors, lovely images --the works!

Many thanks to Picassa and this tutorial from Clover Lane for helping with the header (thanks also to a super-quiet day at work, sshhh!)

I'm going to go rest my eyeballs now before they fall out of my skull.
 But tell me, what do you think of the new layout? Have I committed any grave errors in typography or style (I know you artsy-phartsy's have your opinions!)

Back to regular posting tomorrow!


  1. Love the new header! I feel like a celebrity.

  2. I usually read your blog in my blog reader (per your great advice) so I don't see your design. I checked it out today and it's very cool! The only thing I noticed that might need a tweek is the font for your post titles. When the title is in all caps, like Friday's, it's hard to read in the current font. Other than that, I really like what you've done. Your new profile pic is awesome! That lipstick is very flattering :)

  3. Oh, and yay for no more "type in these crAzY words" when commenting. That can be very frustrating on an iPod.

  4. Yay! Thanks for the feedback ladies! Amy, you are definitely a celebrity in my world. Selah - good point on the fonts, I'll take a look at that. I know, I hate those type in a word comment boxes - didn't know i could turn that off until yesterday!


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