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Dream Jobs

Am I too old have a dream job? I hope not, because it's really only been in the last few years that I've even started conceptualizing what mine would be.
Dream job: Jet setter
Jet setter, via Pinterest.

It started with a few realizations:
  • Traveling, and learning about other cultures, is what gets me fired up. This needs to be a part of my dream job. 
  • I want to work in a socially-responsible organization and feel like I'm contributing in some way.
  • I want to be creative but have structure as well.
  • I want to work with people I respect and like - life's too short to be surrounded by idiots!
  • I want to be able to have a life outside of work. I'm not built for an 80-hr a week job; I want time for family dinners, girl's night outs and cuddling up in front of the newest BBC miniseries.
Since discovering these predilections, I've been on the hunt for jobs that fit. So here are some dream jobs:
Dream Job
via Pinterest
Study Abroad Coordinator
Gets to: help young people choose and plan a travel experience that could change their lives - mine did! I'd get to talk about travel EVERY DAY, help people choose destinations and programs based on their needs, possibly accompany student travelers on programs or travel to evaluate programs, and work on a college campus - where all the cool kids are. 
Hire me: any four year college, and some two years.

Administrator, International Center - City, or State
Gets to: work with local and international government and business leaders to recruit laborers and businesses and to create relationships. These are often the first people to welcome immigrants and refugees to their new homes and help them acclimate to the region. 

Training and Management, International
Gets to: work internationally to train and educate staff on cultural differences and best practices for communicating cross-culturally; help identify challenges and opportunities in new locations. 
Hire me: pretty much any company with locations abroad.

International Marketing Associate
Gets to: craft marketing materials and messages geared toward different international and local audiences, work in social networking and print - I love to write and edit -with some opportunity to travel. 
Hire me: pretty much any company or non-profit.

Production Associate for International Projects 
Gets to: work with creative people (film makers, photographs, art directors) to manage processes including travel, location scouting, and working with local staff. Have you seen the West Elm and Anthropologie catalogs? I'm sure I could help in some way. 

Program Manager, Fair Trade
Gets to: work with international artisans to connect their products with global markets, helps design and market products, gets to make a visible difference in people's lives. When I was in India, I did an independent research project on fair trade and got to sit and sew with a group of artisans. It was really amazing to see how their jobs transformed their lives.

Business Owner, International Antiques
So, my own little pet dream is this - to start a business importing antiques and decor from around the world. I'd scout the locations, purchase the inventory, and manage the business of selling and marketing the products (hopefully with some help). Interior decorators and consumers pay so much for faux "ethnic" decor - why not by the real deal?

Or, if all else fails, this could work...
Dream Job

So there you go. A few ideas I'm putting out to the universe.... 
I'm completely grateful to have a job - and a job with people I like ! - but that's no reason to stop dreaming about the next step. It's exciting and really rewarding to finally get some of these ideas out there and concrete (it's been a loooong time coming). Now, hopefully I won't change my mind.... :)

And if you know someone I should talk about these dreams with.... please let me know :)

PS. I signed up to take the GRE today .... on my way, folks!

PPS. What's YOUR dream job?


  1. This is sometimes hard to admit in our modern American society but my dream job has always been to be a homemaker. And I'm living the dream!
    No, I don't particularly enjoy cleaning, paying bills, and dealing with problems that crop up when you own a home. But I love the fruits of those labors: a clean, comfortable home and a less stressed husband. I also love being with my kids all day, watching them learn and grow.
    I may return to the full time workforce once my kids are grown but for now I'm needed more right here.

    1. Thanks for sharing, Selah! I think everyone is entitled to their own dream - and no dream is better than any other. I'm so glad you're living exactly the life you want - what could be better?

  2. Being a photographer:-)
    I was in corporate, working 14+ hours every day and every weekend, felt miserable for so long time...I knew it what is my dream job and I waited the right moment to make my dream come true. I consider myself as a pretty happy person now.


    1. That's awesome, M! Love your sight - great photos :) When did you know it was the right moment?


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