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With Valentine's approaching, everyone is thinking about their crushes, boy/girl friends or spouses.
 But this year, my Valentine is going to be my mom.

Don't worry, I still love The Boy as much as ever --- but recent events have made me all the more aware how much I love my mom and how I would be absolutely lost without her, even though I daily realize how much of her is in me (the love of presentation, the slightly overbearing need to help, the talking to strangers in the supermarket...)

Mom always made Valentine's day special at our house growing up. Like most holidays, I'd get a themed pair of socks and other fun little gifts. Even though I never had a real (boy) Valentine, it was a fun day to celebrate with my family.

So now, bear with me as I write this -- my Valentine to my mom:

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Mom, for-

Holding my hand when we rode home from school
Believing in the importance of celebrating
Telling me to loosen up and get a B
Teaching me to love clothes -- and a good bargain
Not laughing when that led to me buying suede platforms and wearing them in public
Being a bleeding-heart animal lover
Tucking me in long after it was normal
Showing me Paris, and a million other amazing places
Never sheltering me from the world, but teaching me how to deal with sorrow and injustice
Sharing that the cure for a hangover is Sprite and a cold pillow/floor
Giving me an out whenever I couldn't say "I don't want to do that" to my friends
Encouraging me to be a strong, independent woman
Listening to me endlessly evaluate the decisions I needed to make to become one
Reminding me that life isn't fair, but I should be
Mothering my friends and my boyfriend -- they love you so much!
Loving me, and Dad and the cat, hard, and fast and so strong it sometimes takes my breath away.

Thank you.

I love you.

* all pictures via Pinterest.


  1. So sweet! I fully intend to tuck my kids into bed until they ask me not to / move out. I also check on them before I go to bed.
    I like to celebrate Valentine's Day with my kids too. I make cards for them, read Valentine's Day books, and have a tea party lunch. When they are a bit older I will bake and decorate heart shaped sugar cookies with them like my mom did with me and my siblings.

  2. Baking is such a fun tradition! Sounds like you have some really fun things in store for tomorrow, Selah!

  3. you have a GREAT mom and she's a pretty good aunt too ;) hope she sees and enjoys this b/c it made me tear up as these all are true about your momma! xoxo

    ~give her a hug from me and josh..and sophie :)

  4. will do, kate! we're lucky to have such good mommas in our family :)

  5. That was a great post. And you inspired me to write a heartfelt note to my mom too, which she really appreciated. :)

  6. aww, thanks ash! glad your mom was pleased as well :)


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