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Happy Valentine's Day all!
(My aunt sent me a happy VD text - is anyone every really happy about vd?)
Cute couple shot
Not us, but almost as cute. From here.
Just have to brag that The Boy and I are pretty darn cute. No, we can't be together but we can do things like this:

Flowers for me ...

And pizza for him!
Go Papa John's! They use cupid to deliver...
As his office-mate said, "Pizza = flowers for a guy." Too true, brother.


  1. Too cute! I didn't know Papa John's did that. I got my husband Reese's Hearts and we ordered some board games for the family (European board games are our family hobby).
    Oh, and our tea party was great! Heart shaped sandwiches, chocolate, fancy dishes, happy kids:)

  2. That's awesome! European board games - neat tradition. Have you played Mille Bornes? We always loved it in French class :)

  3. I have not played that one but a good friend owns it so maybe we'll borrow it. We ordered Ticket to Ride (actually American but European style) and Incan Gold which is an English version of the German game Diamant. My husband got into European board games about 4 years ago and we are hooked! We own about 40 now :)


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