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Shopaholics unite, from here.

Do you every randomly get on shopping binges - where you just feel the need to obtain and consume? I do. I know that's very un-progressive and entitled of me, but I can't help it. When I'm stressed or bored, I like to buy things. My wallet doesn't always agree, and so I've found these solutions to deal with my shopaholism.

First and foremost, PUBLIC LIBRARY:
You know all those magazines and books and movies you buy? And the music you waste all your bandwidth to illegally download? Yeah, they have all of that at the library - for free! As a young college radio dj (shout out to all Hodge Podge listeners) I got all of the latest and greatest music via the Indianapolis Public Library. But you just love to own the books you read, you say? Check out the book sales where the library gets rid of extra inventory of older books, best sellers, and randoms. Last weekend we went for the bag sale where you can fill a grocery bag for $7 dollars. Be still my heart.

I've already told you about Goodwill and their amazing 50% off sales, but have you tried Value World? Same idea, just a little more on the seedy side - ie no changing rooms, and the last time I was there a woman threatened to have her kid pee outside the door if the manager wouldn't let him use the employee only restroom. But the prices are great, the clothes are awesome and if you actually check your junk mail before throwing it out you might find a 50% off your entire purchase coupon. I went last week and got 10 items (including a Calvin Klein jacket and several work shirts and sweaters) for lest than $20. 

Slightly embarrassing admission: I cleaned my closet this week, for the first time in oh...a while. And it was like Christmas! All these clothes I'd completely forgotten about, lost in the recesses and dark corners of my closet. Eureka! Free clothes, baby.  Plus, I gathered a whole bag of stuff to donate to Goodwill ... darn, I guess I'll have to make another trip....
So, yes, I'd rather just be Cher... from here.

Another great freebie? Window shopping. And no, you don't have to stroll down Michigan Ave. to do this. I like trolling Target. It's my happy place.

Any other suggestions of beating the shopping bug without busting your bills?
PS I like alliteration.

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  1. I almost never buy new books. I take the kids to story hour at the library every Wednesday so we have a constant supply of new books (and other media) for free. Plus, the library we go to has a cooperative program with other libraries in the state that allows me to search for anything and have it sent to my local branch from all over the state. I will occasionally buy something new from the carts in front of Books-a-million ($2 or $3 per book). We save most of our book buying for birthdays, Christmas, and textbooks.


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