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The Suspense is Over!

I know you've been waiting for this....
And now, the wait is over...
Here are my pictures from San Francisco!!!

Are you underwhelmed? I understand, but I have had at least one extremely vehement request to post these pictures, hence the (false) build-up. Yes, it has been over a month. Sorry. But, as my dad took all these snaps, they're actually quite good so hopefully you'll enjoy them!

To recap, the purpose of this trip was for my family and The Boy's family to meet (queue drum roll, please). Admittedly, we went out with little pits of nervousness in our stomachs, but we left one big happy family ... or at least two families who like each other very, very much. Success!

We started the week out in San Fran, with a great dinner and some preliminary chatting. Then the next day witnessed this spectacle....

What are we doing you ask? Oh, just this... 

Yes, segway-ing through Golden Gate park. This was our gift to our parents, and let's just say, it's an epic story that will live on in Christmas lore for decades. Not to brag or anything...
Going faster....

and faster!
Then we went along the beach --amazing!
We had some great big bowls of Pho for lunch and, bam, we we're all BFFs. Easy as that.

The rest of the week was spent together and apart, visiting old friends, hanging with the family, driving up Mount Diablo and almost running out of gas, shooting pistols and generally having a great time. Our last day was spent wine tasting (and having an impromptu photo shoot) around San Jose ... perfect way to start the New Year!  
Warming up at the wine tasting...
....before snapping some of these

The whole gang - a lovely, motley crew. Pretty glad they're mine!!!
xo, E. 

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