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Hey, Four Eyes!

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Miss Marilyn, from here.
"Boys don't make passes at girls who wear glasses." Do you remember hearing that as a kid? I'm not sure if it came from the playground, or just watching Marilyn in How to Marry a Millionaire one too many times but the phrase stuck with me. Don't get me wrong, I love my glasses -and I almost always get nice compliments on them - but for whatever reason I always feel a bit more casual and sloppy when I wear them. And I actually find myself apologizing for them --"Sorry, babe, I'm wearing my glasses today." Of course, The Boy looks at me like I'm a crazy person and shakes his head... but if Marilyn felt bad about her glasses, I guess I'm not alone.  Due to a yucky cold, I broke down and wore my glasses yesterday to work. The response? Thumbs up all around. And my eyes felt sooo good. So now, I'm back on the glasses train. Start making your passes, boys ;)

Here's a shot of me in glasses (second from the left) hamming it up with Andrew Zimmern (yeah, be jealous). I got two pairs of glasses - prescription, mind you! - for the equivalent of $60 bucks while I was in Korea. Apparently, some of the materials to make glasses actually come from Korea, so you can get a great deal on glasses there. ALL my students had adorably chic pairs. Basically, the only thing cuter than a Korean kid is a Korean kid wearing glasses. But there are also some super cheap websites for glasses under $100 here in the US, too. You just won't get the satisfaction of saying, "Oh these? I got them in Asia..."

Here's some of the other glasses trends I'm game to try...

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Glam cat-eyes, via Pinterest

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Two tones, via

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Clear frames, via Pinterest.

White frames, via Google.


  1. I actually think glasses make a girl seem more approachable...but I guess some guys are turned off by them. I also feel a little lazy when I wear them. Anyway, when I wore mine to work I felt self conscious and got some comments such as "oh, you're going with the intellectual look today?" or "why the glasses?" but it was a nice break for the eyes! And it is great how cheaply you can buy glasses online!

  2. Another great site for glasses is Warby Parker. They have a one for one campaign. You buy a pair, and they give a pair to someone in need. Plus the prices are extremely reasonable.

  3. Ashley, yes "lazy" is how I feel - normally bc I skip makeup too ;). Kerstin, thanks for the site recommendation - totally checking that out now!


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