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Happy Halloween!

Hi all. It's been a tough work day so I'm excited to take break and revel in one of my favorite holidays: Halloween!
Yesterday, The Boy and I joined the fam for some good old fashioned pumpkin carving. Well, I guess it depends on whether you consider using power tools old fashioned. It is for us, at least. Yes, we whip out the saws, drills, chisels, axes, chainsaws, etc. and make some bad ass mother-pumpkins.

Pumpkins - Day
Pumpkins - Night
 Boy made the Eye of Sauron from LOTR. I've never been so attracted to him (dork love). I made an ugly step-sister, a la Princess Beatrice. See the fascinator... get it? Reminds me of this Disney hilarity.
Disney Royal Wedding from here. The fairy tales were true all along.
I'm not dressing up this year. But if I were, this is what I would be.
Pinned Image
Pinata costume from here via Pinterest.
Love the pinata costume -- see the black eye? And all the candy is so conveniently placed on your chest for easy access. Score.

Happy Halloween, Y'all!

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