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On the Eve . .

Well, tomorrow is the big day! Or should I say night, since I will be leaving at seven pm. from Chicago. I feel ready - days and days of packing and fiddling and re-packing are all behind me now. I've said goodbye to friends, though saying goodbye to my parents tomorrow will probably be hard. This will be the first big trip I've ever taken without them, and although it feels liberating, it also feels a little scary.

I haven't been as nervous as I thought I might be - only one little outburst yesterday after calling Air India three times to try to figure out their baggage weight limits and fearing that I may never understand English with an Indian accent. My friend Moira reassured me today - if she could understand English in Kenya, I can understand it in India. Anyways, there are definitely jitters but no serious concerns - I know I can get there on my own, and once I'm in Bangalore, there will be plenty of people to help me figure out what happens next.

It has been great to receive all the support from my family and friends this month as I've been preparing for my journey. Whether they would ever want to go to India or not, they have shown me that they believe I am capable and ready for this adventure. That rocks!

Bye Bye USA!

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