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Christmas Thoughts

I have never written a blog before - and I've always failed at keeping a journal, but after receiving FIVE journals this Christmas, I've gotten the hint. I need to record what's going on in my life this year, because, hopefully, it's going to be DAMN exciting. I'm embarking on a wild, potentially dangerous and life expanding adventure. To put it plainly, I'm spending the next semester studying abroad in Bangalore, India. 

It's been interesting preparing for this trip. I think you can tell a lot about a person by how they react when you tell them you are going to India. The (few) awesome people tell you what a great opportunity that will be, while the other, more cautious people ask you why, and the just plain stupid people ask you what the hell is wrong with you. Anyways, it's been fun to do something unexpected and out of the ordinary.

But that's not why I'm going. I have what Ms. Mac called a "fire in the belly" - some visceral thing is telling me where to go, and I'm just letting it take me there. And surprisingly, I'm not nervous. I'm always, always nervous about going new places - the prospect of going to camp used to have my stomach tied up for weeks beforehand. At least right now, however, I'm feeling pretty confident. I just want to get all the preparations out of the way -damn doctors' visits - and get going. I'm ready for an adventure.

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