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Happy Happy!

Happy New Year, folks!

Jan. 4th  isn't too late to still be saying that, is it? Because I've been saying it all day already...

Anyways, we had a wonderful Christmas break and I hope you did too.
We traveled over the river and through the woods to just about as many houses as we could fit in a week and half - and still missed people we wanted to see! But our visits were great and Santa was overly generous - I received so many nice presents and loved seeing ours get torn open, too (especially by two excited little boys). We also had a bocce ball engagement party, which was pretty much the coolest thing ever.

After all the holiday excitement, we were major lame-o's for New Years Eve. Nothing wrong with being home on your couch when the ball drops, amirite?

Of course, we did sit down and make some resolutions for the new year. Matt and I had actually been working on them for a few days - it's so much more fun to have someone to team up on these goals with! And just for added resolution we put these up on our fridge - no forgetting!!

2013: Bring it on.
  • Duh, work out and eat healthy. But the real resolution is to feel great about ourselves in time for our wedding. So, thanks to our friends Zach and Dana, we picked up a copy of Bob Harper's The Skinny Rules and we're following it to a tee. Don't you just hate friends that inspire you to do unpleasant things that you know you really should do? Sheesh. And we've got a personal trainer lined up for later in the month, once we stop feeling hungry all the time :(
  • Have FUN planning our wedding. We've already had enough with wedding stress -the rest of this process is going to be fun, or ELSE! Anyone not on board with that can jump off.
  • Volunteer. We spend almost every Saturday cooing over the puppies up for adoption at Petsmart, so we think we'll do something to help out with them.
  • Use our free time wisely. So often, we come home exhausted and just camp out on the couch all night ... which just makes us feel more tired and busier on the weekends. So we're going to try to fill our weeknights with some chores (laundry night, wedding planning night) plus even more fun traditions, like our favorite Modern Family / baking night with the Dewey-Gills.
  • On top of all that, I'm back in the saddle of the great grad school search. I'm talking to a program (offers online and hybrid classes, plus would take transfer credit from ND) and hope to take a class this year!
So, share the goods. What are your resolutions? 

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  1. Keep it up! We're equally miserable/empowered with you. ;)


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