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Meryl Streep

Guys, do you hate me? I know I've been awful about posting. The good thing is I have a job (and a new house and fiance) that keeps me busybusybusy. The bad thing? Less time for blogging. I'm not giving it up, no siree bob, but I've got to figure out a new rhythm to get it all done. Hang in there with me?

Last night I came across Julie and Julie on tv. Of course, in it Meryl Streep is effervescent and hilariously charming, but sexy? Not so much. To me, she's one of those actresses who's always reminded me of my mom - I've never really seen her in her younger days. And when we think of our moms, we somehow fail to consider a whole huge chunk of their persona - their past adventures, their sexuality, their mystery. Look at Meryl above - wowza. And I'm about 100% sure that same person lives inside this - I've just failed to recognize it:

Meryl Streep as Julia Child in Julie and Julia

I've been thinking a lot about womanhood with all these changes going on in my own life. What does it mean to become an adult woman? What roles do I want to take on and what do I want to skip? In what ways do I want to be like the women in my life and how do I want to be different? One of the best things about these thoughts is realizing more and more how much my mom did for our family - and how much as a child we miss. 

Anyways, deep thoughts for a Wednesday morning! Thanks for sticking with me, dear readers :)


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  1. It is a little easier to see the "wowza" Meryl when she is winning an(other) Oscar:

    I think what might be even harder to imagine is a young, sexy, "wowza" woman in Julia Child. But she existed(scroll down to see 23 year old Julia):

    One of the things I LOVE about Julie & Julia is the beautiful love story between Julia and Paul Child. Have you read Julia's autobiography, "My Life in France"? They were so very in love and in sync. They called themselves Pulia because they were like one person. I love that!


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