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Get That Girl a Sandwich!

I'm loving this new word I found on the blog Pretty Is As Pretty Does (I went to school with the author - go Wildcats!)

Hangry adj. \ˈhan-grē\ to be angry, irritable, disconsolate or mean, as a result of hunger.

As in, "Someone better get me food STAT or I'm about to get hangry." 
Also known as the cause of 85% of all fights occurring in my household between 5-7pm. 
I should just have this apology tattooed on my forehead:

Funny Apology Ecard: I'm sorry for the unkind words I spoke out of hunger.

Makes me wonder - why can't I just remember to keep some trail mix in my damn purse already?!?

 Speaking of food - I'm getting so geared up for pizza tonight! 
Do you spend all day getting excited for dinner too? Or...not...?


  1. Ugh, my impatience with my kids is totally because I'm hungry. I find it ridiculously hard to make myself eat breakfast.
    And I often spend all day anticipating dessert.

    1. You're totally part of the club, Selah! At least the people who love us probably know by know that when we're mean, we just need some food (and maybe a hug!)


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