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Les Americaines en Paris

A funny thing about Paris is watching the people. Branded as the world's fashion capitol, Paris occasionally has the sort of vibe that makes you think you might as well not even bother -- just go ahead and wear that fanny pack, tourist, because there's no way you're gonna keep up. Not only do the French have some awesome style, the other tourists come prepared to make a statement - and their elaborate "French girl" costumes are sometimes even better than the original!

I have no hope of blending in while in Paris. It's either my midwestern looks or my accent, but something about me gives me away to cab drivers and concierges alike in about 2 seconds -she's American. A much more reasonable goal, I believe, is trying to follow in the ballet slippered footsteps of some fashionable American girls in Paris. Observe:

Audrey Hepburn (in Funny Face)
audrey hepburn, funny face
All black, boho outfit with comfy patent leather flats and a slip of bare ankle. Chic, easy and so travel friendly.
Carrie Bradshaw in Paris
I won't be following any of Carrie Bradshaw's advice when it comes to footwear, but clearly stripes are more than appropriate for a day of sightseeing en Paris. Carrie's striped dress is perfect for spring - I'm thinking a tank dress or maxi skirt for our summer trip.
Best Fashion in Season 4, Episode 1, "Belles de Jour"  Serena's Cage Dress: Serena is known for showing off nearly everything she's got in cleavage baring tops and dresses with dangerously high hemlines. So while the Parisian setting of the episode was a welcome break from the norm, we also loved seeing Serena take on such a new vibe. The George Chakra cage dress is purely whimsical femininity — but with Beatrix Ong leather brogues, a menstyle blazer, and a straw hat, the look is simply divine...
And finally, the Gossip Girls... Serena's footwear is ideal - flat but nowhere near the siren shoe of tourists --the dreaded white sneaker. A little dress, long strap bag and cute blazer? Parfait. Both ladies know a cute topper adds the perfect pinch of Parisian whimsy.
classic and comfortable
Oh and this gal? Might not be in Paris, but basically has the best travel outfit. Comfy skirt, sheer long sleeve top and some foot-friendly flats. Of we go!

I'm packing a classic black jacket (for rain and cool nights), slim jeans, plain sandals, layer-able blouses and a dress or two for fun. I'll share a snap of my packing later (once I've actually done it.) Now your turn - what do you wear while traveling?


  1. I had that exact Audrey Hepburn outfit in college. Love her!

    When I travel I try to take remixable pieces so that I can make lots of different outfits, comfy & cute shoes, and one light jacket or cardigan (I didn't bring one this past May and there was a cold snap - I had to borrow my husband's shirt. Not cute.)

    You list sounds perfect!

    1. Awesome! I always want to pull off all black, but can't commit. Maybe I'm just to blonde and pasty ;)

  2. Replies
    1. I know. let's jump her and steal all her clothes!


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