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Pulling the Trigger

I think it really is true: You are what you read. Which worries me when I get into reading profiles of  serial killers... So yeah, I've been reading all these interior design blogs (like Design Manifest, Young House Love and Little Green Notebook) and now I'm constantly looking at old shitty furniture and saying things like "but, look at those bones" and "can't you just see that with a wash of color?" My parents are not happy with all the flotsam I've dragged into their garage. 
But it has such potential!!

Today I came across this lovely pillow on One Kings Lane, another darling of the blogosphere:
18x18 Reversible Pillow, Pink/Green
I loves it much. It's even reversible:

I'm always afraid to pull the trigger on household purchases. I always think I might find something better and cheaper the next place I look - uhm, I mean at Goodwill. At almost $40 bucks, this pillow ain't cheap. But yesterday my mom said, "You know, you shop at Goodwill a lot. Maybe it's ok to spend sometimes..." And she's right.

So, question of the day, what combination of pillows makes my couch into the living embodiment of the word "Delicious"?

This group is all from the One Kings Lane collection and are obviously made for each other. Nice, but very "decorated."
So I swapped in some trellis pillows from Amazon. The teal is a nice tie in with the painting, if I do say so myself.
That leopard print from Pier One? Fah-bulous, darling. The navy prints from Amazon are nice too. 
Ok, we're really getting somewhere here. I love the grey chevron and the polka dots (all from Amazon) are so cheery!
Ooh, and this is a close tie. Love the navy stripes (from Amazon) - they have some nice beading on the stripes as well. It's a lot more white, though, and white things tend to get dirty in my house. Yep, I admit it. Still love that leopard though.

So what do you think? I leaning toward numbers 4 or 5. I need some group reassurance before I go ahead and pull the trigger on these purchases. What's your vote?


  1. I like #3 and #4 the best! #5 is good too...oh crap, choices choices choices. I think the leopard needs to happen though. So random yet it works.

  2. I like #2 and #4 best. The teals and blues look so nice with the painting :)

  3. My favorite is #2! All of the blues tie in nicely with the painting, that pink ties in with the pink (throw? is that a blanket in on the left?), etc... and I know the Boy will keep the darker colors cleaner. Trust me, that's why half of my pillows are brown with blue accents... hides dirt. I'll admit it! ;)

  4. I agree with Katie, #2 or #4. No leopard... I have a vested interest in this I guess haha.

  5. This probably isn't a surprise, but I like #1. I like that each pillow has a different pattern. My next fave is #4.

  6. Wow, thanks everyone for the input!! Looks like number 4 is the current winner - and my personal fave, followed closely by number 2. I think the leopard needs to happen somewhere in my life though. I've already ordered the ikat pillows from One Kings Lane - and I'll update y'all with the final product! xo, E.

  7. In a man's point of view, it's #3 and #5, the colors are doesn't sting the eye. It's a reality check for me since I got into a discussion with one of my crew about home remodeling services, that some just put in what thgey actually would think is nice for them without actually asking for the opinion of the home owner and I've noticed that a too. It's good to ask opinion from other but it's also good on thinking for yourself if what you're putting in your sofa would be goodnot just for you but for the entire family.


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