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The Original Airbrush

We've all seen those images of the before and after shoots of a model. She starts out as a plain, average (sometimes a little strange-looking, really) girl and ends up as a bombshell supermodel. Oh the magic of makeup, lighting, and - let's be real - lots and lots of computerized modifications. Airbrushing has been blamed as one of the major causes of society's unrealistic expectations for women and a sign of the modern degradation of the human body. But should we be surprised? From Da Vinci to Degas to Demarchelier, all artists have idealized their subjects - male or female. Come across many guys looking like David lately? Me either.
The David, Michelangelo
via Pinterest
Want proof? Take a look at these before and after shots of pinups girl posters. The test images - real photos of real women - are so charming you almost wonder why they even bothered with the illustrated versions!

All images via Retronaut

Oh well, maybe someday we'll accept bodies as they are. But until then, it's nice to remember that media images are just someone's creation of beauty - one that often misses out on all the charm of the real thing.

reflections distorted by socially constructed ideas of beauty

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  1. Those test shots are with the electrical cords in the background are too cute! The only reason I can see for using drawings instead of the photos is that the drawings could be printed in color. Color photography was very expensive until the 1970s.

    I am trying to figure out how to raise my children to see the real beauty in themselves and others in this world full of airbrushed fake images. I don't ever want my beautiful daughter to feel badly about the way she looks but I don't think it's completely preventable.


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