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The Itch

This week I got the itch. 
No, not that kind of an itch.

An itch to clean and organize and re-habitable-ize my apartment.
Two weekends in a row of traveling to The Boy + general laziness had left my apartment in shell-shocked, bombed-out, war zone conditions. 

No more, my friends. With the brutal finality that only the most unpredictable and commanding need to clean can garner, I tossed things left and right - into the trash and the donate pile. Huzzah, I see the floor! And a million things I forgot I had that I still like - even better!

I'm sure there's a deep psychological reason why this urge to purge comes at certain moments. It must be something about the need for control when life gets chaotic, creating a peaceful place during stressful times, etc.etc.etc. 
Whatever it is, I'm glad. It has kept from a. hiring a maid or b. burning all my belongings - which is good because, let's be honest, I can't afford the fees or the jail time.

Have a fabulous weekend! I plan to enjoy gazing at my carpeting....

xo, E.


  1. Ooh, every time I walk in A's room I get that itch! The floor is always clean, the bed is always made, but every other available surface is covered in LEGOs! Bookshelves, windowsills, table, toy box (seriously, he can't get to the toys inside the toy box because of the LEGOs on top of the lid). I just remind myself that he's 6 and super creative :) He wants to be a LEGO Master Builder when he grows up, as well as writing, directing, and staring in his own TV show.
    One of the best organizational books I've ever read is Organizing from the Inside Out by Julie Morgenstern. She really gets into organizing that works for your personal needs.

    1. I meant STARRING in his own TV show :P


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