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Get Your Kicks on Route ... 31?

Sometimes, you just have to thank the Lord for interesting facebook friends. Definitely would NOT have had anything interesting to post today if it wasn't for stumbling upon this nifty site that a "friend" posted:

It's called Roadtrip Mixtape - and that utilitarian name pretty much sums it up. You enter your starting and ending location, the website tracks your route and creates a mixtape for you on the spot! Better yet, as you drive, it plays songs by artists from the areas you are driving through - anything from famous acts (think Outkast in Atlanta) to small, local groups. 

Hell, it even makes the drive up US 31 look better...

Love that the featured artist in the last leg is The University of Notre Dame Folk Choir - rock on!

They're hoping to upgrade the website into a sweet mobile app for all you smart phone users. So stay tuned (har har!) 

By the way, what's YOUR favorite road trip music? I like me a little Dolly P, some Tom Petty and a musical or three.



  1. Fun! I prefer musical soundtracks or books on CD myself. Last vacation we listened to Michael York read The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. It kept the kids happy, what more could I want?

  2. Driving on 31 is never fun... not even sure music could make it fun, hahaha, but that is so cool that it pulls local music from the area!

    1. i thought it was cool, though probably even better in areas where some bigger bands are from!


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