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Get Lucky

good good luck
Do you believe in luck? 
I don't ascribe much to luck, really.
 I certainly have had a lot of great things happen in my life, but lucky to me refers to the less meaningful and yet most impressive things. Winning the jackpot at a casino - that floors me. We have a friend who's won so often, she half expects it.  My dad's buddy Bill  finds four-leaf clovers ALL THE TIME. He's running out of space to keep them.
That stuff is lucky. The other good things are something else - fate maybe?

But yet, on certain days and special occasions, I like to have something lucky. 
For me, it's a lucky pair of earrings - I don't know why they're lucky, I think they just morphed from "favorite" into "lucky." But it makes me feel better to wear them on days when I need an extra little kick of good karma. 

Tomorrow, I'll be wearing my little good luck charms. Hope you have a lucky end of the week as well!


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