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Seasonal Dis


Do you do this? All winter I'm crazy longing for warm weather, dreaming of walking outside without a coat and basking in the warm sunshine. Then, the minute it hits, 85, I grumble rumble about how hot it is! Last night, tangled up in my sheets, sweating, all I wanted was a cold winter breeze...

Am I wrong if I just want it to be Spring, then Fall, then Spring again? This is where The Boy makes an evil laugh and suggests sunny California (his home state). And I just shake my head and say "cost of living." Maybe the Midwest's bargain prices make up for the snow and heat and quick-vanishing Springs. Maybe...

1 comment:

  1. Move back to NC :)
    It does get hot here (and humid) but at least we don't have really cold weather and our spring and fall are nice.


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