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On a Boat...

on a boatOn a boat
here and here

I spent the weekend - you guessed it - on a boat. 
Poseidon, look at me.
Yeah, the weekend was somewhere between the classy images above and The Lonely Island boys -- maybe with a bit of this thrown in:

on a boat
via Pinterest
Yes, there were shenanigans involved. But mostly just a really great weekend full of gorgeous Michigan weather, good friends and some delicious homemade cocktails (thanks, Katie!) 

Now that I'm a bonafide sailor, I think I need me some of these goodies for the next boat ride:

Hot dot underwire halter top
Polka Dot Bikini, JCrew
I love a bikini with coverage on top and bottom. This one looks tummy- and bust-friendly.

Rainbow Sandals
 I can't quite get on the boat shoe trend, but I am crushing on these Rainbow flip flops. The prepsters wore these in college while I was rocking Old Navy flips. I'm ready to upgrade. These have arch support and actual leather so your feet won't kill you for dancing all day on deck.

Merona® Womens Classic Chino Short (Fit 1) - Assorted Colors
Target shorts
I actually already have these highlighter green (they're brighter in person) shorts and I am in love. The fit is really great - the leg is longer and the waistband is not too low - and they're a cool alternative to jorts. I'm going back for another color - either white or red...
Protect Daily Sun Protection Argan Oil Infused SPF 40+
Jose Maran Sunscreen
Hallelujah! Miracle of miracles - I escaped the weekend without even a  hint of a sunburn. Most of my compatriots were not so lucky, but I was really aggressive about reapplying. It helped that I had nice sunscreen to use - this Josie Maran is really nice for the face - not too oily. I also picked up some of the natural sunscreen at Target for the body and I really liked it. Definitely felt like less of a walking oil slick than normal. 

So there you go. Everything you need to be... on a boat.
Thanks to all our friends (and boat owners) for making this a fabulous break1

How was your weekend, folks?


  1. Replies
    1. Hey! stop being a hermit and we can go on a boat at Eagle Creek again!

  2. Heh, A (my 6 year old son) sometimes randomly says "I'm on a boat!" and then I have to hope that no one thinks I actually let him watch that video! He really only says it because B says it.
    My Memorial Day weekend was full of shopping :)
    I left the kids with B and went shopping, by myself, for 2 hours! I hit the library book sale, Books a Million, Dress Barn, Old Navy, and Hallmark. Later I took E to Payless for new hot pink sneakers (seriously, hot pink is practically a neutral for 3 year old girls) and scored some white framed sunnies for myself (very Audrey in How to Steal a Million).
    I'm so glad you had a great weekend!

    1. That is hilarious. The Boy read this to me last night and was cracking up. Awesome weekend - I did some shopping myself and it's such a nice treat! I bought new sunnies too ... but they ended up on the bottom of the lake! wah.

    2. Yep, I get incredibly excited about a few hours non-grocery shopping by myself. Such is the life of a full-time Mommy :)
      I'm sorry about your shades, I hope they were cheap ones like mine.

    3. haha, of course. i repel sunglasses like magnets so i always by the cheapies!

  3. Ahhh! I'd love to be sitting on a boat soaking up the sun right about now!

    1. I know, right? Being at work just doesn't quite compare! Thanks for reading :)

  4. lovely!!! I really like it!


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