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DIY Dream

This weekend, I experienced every girl's dream. My boyfriend, looking at my Pinterest DIY board, said AND I QUOTE "That looks fun. We should do that!"

Yes, my boyfriend wants to DIY with me. It's a big step and a huge commitment and I'm not sure he know just what he's getting himself into. And like any good girlfriend, I'm perfectly prepared to take advantage of that!

So, without running any of this by him - sorry, baby!- here is my list of most pressing DIY projects:

1. Terrarium
terrarium - could make this with leaded glass
The Boy is all about this mini-gardening project, and I am right on board as well. It looks fairly cat-proof as well as idiot human proof, which is the perfect combination for any greenery in my home. We're in the process of collecting cool vessels - no way are we shelling out for the glass guy above, though a leaded glass project may be in our future - and I think this is the weekend we actually head to Lowe's for the rest of the supplies. We'll have to wear our fitted plaid shirts and skinny jeans to fit in with the rest of the terrarium-making hipsters out there, but it'll be worth it.

2. Bench
tutorial here
I've been scouring Craigslist and for cute benches and have turned up nada! I want one for my entryway and one for the foot of the bed. Good areas to put on shoes, drop purses, and likely catch all the mess and debris that usually just goes straight to the floor. Off the floor is progress, y'all. This tutorial shows just how easy it could/should be to transform an old coffee table into a sweet little bench. The Boy prefers the version below which utilizes two old chairs and considerably more power tools. Go figure.

3. Book frames


I always need more book storage, and these little boxes topped with antique frames are so neat. This feels like something that, after scrounging Goodwill for frames and hitting the Lowe's for boxes, could take just a few hours on a lazy Saturday. I know that's the great myth of DIY, I know it. But it seems so true.

4. Rock Collection Display
I love this idea! Originally from here: for my rock collection!!
Gah, I've been drooling over this project for weeks now. As I child, I was an avid collector of rocks and fossils - my parents' basement is overflowing with my treasures that they CAN NOT THROW AWAY EVER! How easy to just mount some of the more beautiful pieces in cheap shadow-boxes with mats? Hang up in a grid, done and done.

5. Organization Station
Binder Clips for cables
If all else fails, here a project we can check of the list in seconds. Step One: Raid office's supply closet for binder clips. Step Two: Attach to home desk/side table. Step Three: Insert charging devices and feel like such a brilliant man/woman.

Honestly, I'm so excited to think that we might just become that couple that DIY's stuff together -- look out Sherry and John, we're the sheriffs in town! In all seriousness, I'm extremely lucky to have a guy that likes to do stuff I like to do - and that we love to do things together. Aw, shucks!

Hold me accountable folks - if I haven't posted about something constructive we've down, I suggest you TP this page. I'm sure there's a way to do that online.

Update: Speaking of cute couples, my friend Dana and her husband, Zach, just launched their own adorable blog chronicling their goals for the last years of their 20s. Check it out here!


  1. I just checked out your Pinterest board and saw something familiar. Almost 20 years ago I had one of those towels with the pockets to store toiletries in. My mom made it for me for sleepovers :)

    I am not generally a DIY kind of person, although my husband is. He has actually built furniture for our home (kid size table and chairs, toy box, bookshelves for our game collection - we are approaching 100 board games). The only time I DIY is for parties. Last year I made all the decorations for my kids' double birthday party (their birthdays are 6 days apart). I made a yellow Lego brick cake for my son and Minnie Mouse cupcakes with mini Oreo ears for my daughter.

  2. Thanks for the plug, lady! I totes want to make a terrarium!


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