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Dumpster Dive

In our family, the highest form of success is finding an awesomely great piece of trash. That's right, legends are told throughout the generations about finding that amazing oriental rug, or snow blower, or coffee table on the side of the road or in a dumpster. There's a karmic, momentous feeling of finding something mere seconds before it's drop into the jaws of death. 
 Remember the Brave Little Toaster? Haunting here.
I've had my fair share of tales to add to the family lore. But my most recent success is my coffee table. In fact, it wasn't actually a coffee table when I found it. It was just a weird, metal base with no top. But I saw potential.

In my mind, Pinterest images of pallet furniture rushed forward, demanding attention:
If you're not familiar with the pallet-hacking trend, you are seriously behind on you pinning. Pallets (some people call them skiffs) are available anywhere people use a forklift - including the school where I work! It always pays to be friends with the facilities guys, and before I knew it, I had two of my very own pallets to play with.  Strip the boards, add to the top of the base (ok, ok, I recruited Dad and The Boy to do this) and Ta-dah! I lurve it.

It's great. It makes my life of eating dinner on the coach in front of the tv sooo much more refined. And designed it! I think that puts me up there with the cool kids in the bloggin' neighborhood, right?


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  1. Your little living room looks awfully cute, and Opie laying there is the purfect (haha) touch! :)


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