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That's how my vacation felt. Ahhhhhhh......
Like letting out a long sigh that I didn't know I was holding. 
I'll fill you in with pictures and itineraries and all that jazz tomorrow, once I've downloaded my pictures and unpacked my suitcase (there may or may not be a giant rock impeding that process...) But let it suffice to say I had an amazing time. The trip combined all of my most important elements:

  • Time with old friends and lots and lots of laughing (plus a snort or two)
  • Sleeping in (on one of the most comfortable beds I've tried, to boot!)
  • Uninterrupted time with The Boy - in fact, the longest time we've spent together since Christmas- woo hoo!
  • The perfect mix of fun activities and relaxation time
  • Completely unnecessary amounts of delicious food

I truly believe that vacations are necessary. Think back to school days - you had your summer break, winter break, spring and fall breaks. Whoever has the power to decide knew it was important that kids (and teachers) got breaks from school. I think that same idea should apply to us working stiffs. Sure, we don't get told to take vacation - but we should follow our younger footsteps and give ourselves breaks. 
Though I probably can't swing eight weeks off in the summer, my new MO is to take  breaks - long weekends, full weeks, whatever I can get - every season.
I feel so refreshed and much less likely to stab any and all coworkers with staples - that alone should be a good recommendation. But I also feel reminded of how much fun I can have and how wonderful it is to have friends and Boyfriends who make life rich.

If you haven't yet this year, take my advice - plan a vacation. Your brain, and co-workers, will thank you for it ;)


  1. I am so looking forward to our July vacation, it's not even funny... NEED a break! :P

    1. It sounds like so much fun! Sometimes the looking forward to is (almost) as good as the trip itself!

  2. We had an amazing time with you guys. Can't wait to come visit you!


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