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I like the pale, pastel colour of the cherry blossoms. It reminds me of spring time, and fits in with the design brief.
via Pinterest
Spring is here! Gauging by the weather, it's been here for several days now but who's complaining? The change in season always makes some changes in life - less gloomy, moody days and more time for fun! This spring I want to:

Inject some new-growth colors in my house, like a pollen or bright bright green...
love the green!
neon door
And sweeten the air with these!
Flower nest
 I'll read every day on the porch 
(currently loving Lisa See's "Shanghai Girls and "That Might Be Useful" by Naton Leslie)...

 Front Cover

while sipping these!
Pineapple Limeade Cooler
Pineapple Limeade, from here.
Do stuff with my hair, like this maiden's braid ...
heidi braids
and when I give up, throw on one of these...
hair scarf - hair romance
I'll wear turquoise as much as possible...

necklace turquoise $45
and always have my toes out!
 Dollhouse Hink Blue Multi Color Block Flat Sandals

from here, here and here.

Happy Spring!!

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