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Amazing - it feels like summer here in the middle of March. 80 degrees, I tell you - almost makes you feel like global warming might not be such a bad thing (I keed I keed!) I've been relaxing on my porch, soaking up the sun and craving hot-weather treats....especially all things lime. Observe.

 I will admit it. I have a problem. I made it through one bag this week.....and then when out and bought another one. And I may or may not (details are blurry) have eaten some for breakfast this morning. I'm sure that "hint of lime" flavoring is really "green toxic waste powder" so I'm thinking about trying this recipe for homemade baked lime chips. 
from here
You can't enjoy a bag and half (what?) of lime flavored tortilla chips with out a limey-beverage now can you? Absolutely non. SO whip one of these up for yourself (it's a family classic):
-Fill a glass with ice. 
-Top with Seven-up
-Stir in a couple spoonfuls of frozen Limeade Mix
-Mix in a glug of your favorite booze (I like white rum)
-Swirl and enjoy (oh, you will)

So, none of the above things are good for your health you say? That is true. But with the weather outside, I'm sure you are out skipping and jumping around so you'll burn off the extra lime-flavored calories. And while you're out, keep your lips nice and moist with this:
Handmade lip-balm (it comes in LIME!) from the cutest little soap shop in Madison, IN --All Good Things. You can order this stuff - made with coconut oil, shea butter, and essential oils -online. Do it, and feel like you're eating limes all day long!

Lime it up this weekend folks - they're green for St Patty's!


  1. Ooh, I will be trying that drink soon! Sounds yummy :)

    It was in the mid 80s here (Charlotte, NC) yesterday. I took the kids to the park. We will be going at least once a week for the next few months (until it gets too hot - summer here is brutal, 95+ and humid).

    Newman's Own has a Tequila Lime salsa that would be great with those chips!

  2. I love lime things, too! My fam has always made fun of me because they say it's an "old person" flavor. Whatev. I think it's quite refreshing!

  3. Selah - do, you'll love it - especially on those brutal summer days! Rach - if lime is old, i don't want to be...young?

  4. Hey there- I had to comment to let you know that I TOO have an unhealthy obsession with hint of lime tostitos...for real. Thanks for visiting for a song!


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