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Les Appartements Parisienne

As I mentioned in this post, my mom is going to Paris for a month this summer (The Boy and I are hoping to tag along for a bit, too ;). So just buck up, 'cause you're going to be hearing a lot about France, Paris and les macarons this Spring. Oh, darn, right?
Les Macarons.....mmm
Obviously, when you're staying that long abroad in one place, racking up hotel nights can get pretty pricey. Instead, we're looking at apartment rentals, which is actually an awesome option for anyone traveling to Europe, for short or long stays. The perks:
  • Space - hotel rooms in Europe are tiny. Apartments aren't much bigger, but those few extra feet may be helpful if you're used to wide-open spaces.
  • Convenience - a kitchen, a bathtub and teeny-weeny washing machine - all make traveling so much easier.
  • Atmosphere - sure, hotels are great for luxury and relaxation, but if you really want to get to know a place, plunk yourself down in a real neighborhood and live for a week or two like the locals. In Paris, that means stopping by the boulangerie every morning for fresh bread and buying ingredients, shop by shop, for your evening meal. You may even be lucky enough to say bonjour to your neighbors and get to practice a few words in French! 
I've been taking a brief look at apartments in Paris, and whoo-wee, I'm ready to go now!

1.This airy beauty from is in the 3rd (Paris is set up as a series of numbered neighborhoods), near the Marais - one of the older neighborhoods of Paris dating back to the 12th century.

 There's a lot of charm to walk through, like the gardens of the Hotel de Sens...
Walking Tour of the Marais Neighborhood
from here
2.Here's another apartment in the Marais; this one's from
How adorable is that? Love the exposed ceiling beams and the huge windows.

3. This one's  a surprisingly large-looking apartment in the 12th. 

The neighborhood looks bustling and it's only a short walk from the Place de le Bastille.  
from here.
4. This Roomorama one is just blocks away from the Eiffel tower and over looks a super-duper cute courtyard. I love the lights streaming in from those windows!

5. Here's yet another site to try: Paris Attitude. Noticing how the french love their red accents? Especially colored sofas... interesting. This one has an amazing eat-out balcony and an extra toilet!! Big news in small spaces...

Oh, and BTW these are all less than $2,000 for the month. Not bad, when you think a hotel is at least $200 per night.
What's your favorite? List it in the comments, below!

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  1. I'd want #1 if I was going to live there long term (all the built in storage). For a short term stay like you're talking about I'd go with #2. Big windows, exposed beams, and a purple couch!

  2. It really is true that rentals are THE BEST way to stay for a while in a European city. We did a month in London and adored every day of it. We're doing a month in Germany this fall. We are doing a home exchange with a retired teacher who lives in Bielefeld where my husband has family. We are learning a bit a German and looking forward to living among the locals in a typical German neighborhood. We LOVE this kind of in-depth travel. I think you and your mom will love it, too. In fact, I can almost promise you will have a glorious time in the City of Light. So happy for you to have this experience.

  3. Selah - I know, love all the colored couches! Don't know if I'm brave enough for one in MY house - but all bets are off on vacation!

    Mrs. Schafer - thanks for commenting! How exciting to spend a month in Germany - I've never been and would love to - though Paris will do for now ;)

  4. I often found when I was abroad that visiting cities left me wanting more - staying and getting to know the place is much more rewarding. Ugh I'm so jealous!


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