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Super Bowl Review

Aww, so sad, from here.
Yay, Giants. You beat that smarmy, son-of-a-gun Brady, and pissed off pretty-even-when-she's-enraged Gisele. Drinks all around.

That's about all my feelings on the game itself. The rest of these comments will address the real important part of the game: half time.
And let me just call foul.
The team uniforms were deemed inappropriate, though they did serve to blind and/or stab the opposing team. From here.
The pressure of the big game was written all over Madonna's face as she entered the stadium. The crowd was supportive, but she certainly didn't have the home court advantage at Lucas Oil.  After a showy kick-off, her overall team strategy was defensive rather than offensive, relying on time-worn game plays that her opponents clearly predicted.

A fall in the second quarter seemed likely to sideline the singer, but with the help of her team, she remained on the field, though clearly pained by her high-heeled cleats.
No, the guy doing flips on wire didn't fall. QB Madonna did. Psych! from here.
In the second half, however, the team was revitalized by the addition of second-string players LMFAO. Their antics distracted the opponent, who was then buffeted by the surprisingly effective offensive onslaught of MIA, Nicki Minaj, and game MVP, Cee Lo Green, who carried the team to a vocal touchdown.
Cee-Lo Green and Madonna - Bridgestone Super Bowl XLVI Halftime Show
"Bow to me, Madonna." from here.
 Team member MIA was sidelined for unsportsmanlike conduct.
M.I.A. flips bird during Super Bowl halftime show
Tsk tsk, MIA. From here.
Thanks to a strategic addition of new recruits in the final quarter, Madonna scraped by with a win in this weekend's contest, though clearly her status as top pop quarter back is on its last leg.

**Call me harsh, but the Material Girl acted true to her name this weekend, refusing to stay in Indy  because the hotels "weren't up to her standards." Instead, she flew in from Chicago every day for rehearsals.

So, I'm gonna blog about-cha, biyatch.

I gotta say, it was really fun to have the Super Bowl here, even though I didn't manage to run into any celebrities -- or become best friends with Diddy, a lifetime goal. Although sports will never fully register with me, it was a nice February diversion.
Now, back to our regularly scheduled broadcast.

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