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Let's go to: Slovenia!

I feel like Slovenia is one of those countries that you remember only when someone says something about it. Like that guy in highschool whose existence you've completed blanked on until someone says, "remember that guy" and a misty image of your yearbook appears?

Same with Slovenia - I get a mental image of a country nestled on the map, somewhere over in the confusing tangle of Eastern Europe. But after hearing a few mentions of this country lately, and stumbling across some gorgeous pics on Pinterest, I decided that this little underdog deserved its chance to shine.
Ljubljanica river
Ljubljana, from here.

Pinned Image
From here, via Pinterest.
Postojna, from here.
Lake Bled,  from here.
And here's a few handy tidbits, via and
  • 60 per cent of Slovenia territory covered by forest, making it a great destination for outdoor adventure
  • It's eco-friendly: an increasing number of Slovenian accommodations have the European Eco-label for tourist accommodation service.
  • "Slovenia is the only country in Europe that combines the Alps, the Mediterranean, the Pannonian Plain and the Karst." I only know what two of those are, but sounds interesting!
So, let's go!

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