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Winter Wonderland

This time of year, about half of people start dreaming of places like this:

Pinned Image
Beach vacay, from here via Pinterest.

The other half dream of this:

"Winter Lake Valley" by Mark Adamus

Me, I vascillate between the two. So lucky, for you, dear readers, I'll be covering some of both this winter. It all hangs upon my whims (cue the evil laughter).
 But today is all about the cold.
Can I get an "Oh, Canada"?

My family and I travelled to Lake Louise, Canada, one Christmas when I was small. The place is truly a winter wonderland, and for an adventurous tyke, it was paradise. I tried skiing for the first time --a harrowing experience. Let's just say that Canadians have their own view of what a beginner's run should be.
And there was mountain rescue involved.
Lake Louise in the Winter
Lake Louise, from here.
For all you snow bunnies, the Canadian Rockies in this area has an average of 30ft of snowfall during their extraordinarily long ski season, which lasts from November to June. And if you're really hardcore, you can sign up for helicopter skiing. Yes, that's being dropped out of a helicopter onto a mountain top. And yes, you pay them to do that to you. Seven HUNDRED dollars. I think I'll pass.

There's plenty of other wintery fun to be had in this little mountain paradise. Snow-shoeing, ice carving festivals, sleigh rides. It all comes right out of a holiday song, doesn't it?

Of course, the indoor scene isn't too bad either.
Pinned Image
Coziness, from here via Pinterest.
There's really no better feeling than this. After a day romping in the snow, you run inside, rednosed and frozen, strip down to your long-johns and socks and curl up by the fire. Every lodge worth it's salt has a massive fireplace, surrounded by comfy chairs and elves serving hot cider and cocoa. If it's truly a phenomenal lodge, they'll appreciate that apres-ski style is not that fur-lined, Michael Kors ensemble, but all your warm and comfies, and absolutely no shoes.

So what camp are you in? Beach bunny or snow bunny? Do tell!
 (I'm hankering for some comments, y'all)

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