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A shot of cute (with an adorable chaser)

I've pinned a lot of really, really cute things in the news lately. I think during the holidays, even the newsmakers get sick of their own fear-mongering and decide to get all ooeey-gooey instead. Please enjoy all of this adorableness.

1. Baby seal walks into a bar...
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Article  here.
This sounds like the start of a really great joke. In fact, it's the start of a cute tale of a little baby seal who "walked" (I don't know how seals technically locomote on land) into a house, snuck through the cat door, and climbed up on the coach. The homeowner found him curled up on the couch, snug as a bug.

2. Man climbs mountains - of trash - for love
Article here.
This one is pretty sweet, and also a great education for men about what to do if you accidentally throw away your wife's engagement ring. Answer? Whatever it takes to find it. Even if that is digging through 9 tons of garbage at the city dump.

3. Dog's Best Friend
Article here.
Get ready for tears. The dog on the left is completely blind. The dog on the right acts, voluntarily, as her seeing eye dog, guiding her through life, day and night. Proof that animals are truly just as compassionate, if not more so, than humans.

xo, E.

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