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Christmas Around the World

Not travelling this year? You can still enjoy all the unique - and familiar- ways people around the world celebrate the holidays. Thanks to A Cup of Jo for the link!

1. Indonesia
2. Malta

3. Thailand
4. England

5. France
6. South Korea
All images, plus more, via The Atlantic!

Also, check out for Christmas traditions around the world.

For example, did you know that:
-In Iraq, families burn thorn bushes for good luck on Christmas Eve?

-In Norway, Christmas gifts were historically delivered by Julebukk, the "Christmas Buck"?

-In Venezuela, families roller-skate to Christmas Eve services in the city of Caracas? Streets are closed to allow for safe skating...

-In the Czech Republic, St. Nicholas is said to descend to Earth from a golden rope, accompanied by an angel and a devil.

-Poinsettia's come from Mexico, and legend has it that they grew their star-shaped flowers after a young boy brought the plants as an offering to his local church nativity.

Merry Christmas Eve, to all!
xo, E.

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