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Did you miss me yesterday? Sorry 'bout that. Sometimes life gets in the way.
But here's what I've been working on: plans for a weekend vaca to Chicago...
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From here, via Pinterest.
...also known as The Windy City, Chi-town, and "the big city" for all us Midwesterners.

It's my mom's bday and we are going hog-wild. But classy, because it's "the big city" after all. We don't want to look like out-of-towners or yes, I packed heels.

Here's a rundown of the plans:
We're going to stay in a fabulous hotel...
Waterfront getaway, from here.
Eat a fabulous dinner ... (@ MK. Chef Michael Kornick is a "culinary master" according to Esquire. I'm already dreaming about the pumpkin soup with roasted coconut and the mussels with white wine. MMMM.)
Swankiness, from here.
Visit the fabulous Field Museum ... (I have a strange obsession with the taxidermy animal exhibits. Not sure why, but they've been my jam since I was a little girl. There's also a new Chocolate exhibit, which I will check out. With my tongue, preferably.)
Wild, from here.
And, of course, seeing all the fabulousness that is the Art Institute... (I'll visit good old Frank, Georges, and the gang and stare wistfully.) 
Avery Coonley Playhouse: Triptych Window
Favorites, from here.
 There will also be shopping (of the window variety, along Michigan Ave.), brunch a la mode (yes, I mean with ice cream) @ Ann Sather's, and-crossyourfingers- hopefully lots of drama-free family fun.
Here's hopin'.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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