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....It's.......SCARF TIME!

I Love.Love.Love Fall.
And I Love.Love.Love Scarves.
I have to admit, I have kind of a problem about it too. My collection runneth over .... my closet, my doors, and the backseat of the car. But whatever, it's so worth it to snuggle up in something beautiful and soft. Bonus points if it's got some great ethnic flavor.

Navajo Scarf via Pinterest
 Now, anyone who knew me in college knows I have some issues when it comes to the misappropriation of American Indian iconography (big word alert, whew!) No, this scarf does not represent any tradional Navajo costume, but it acutally does reference some of their beautiful blanket weavings (see here). Plus, it's super cute.... I want it with jeans, a little sweater, and some turquoise bling. Oh, and did I mention it only costs $14.99??
Are you glad it's fall? Do you have a cool weather-ware obsession? Where the heck is a girl to keep all her scarves??


  1. I feel you on the scarf front!

    Ikea makes a hanger that has like 12 or 15 little circles connected. I use that for all my scarves and gloves. Its great b/c 1 circle can hold 2 scarves.

  2. My first Bollywood film was Kush Kush Hota Hai. I cried in less than 60 seconds fromt he opening scene.

    I also fell in love with SRK in less that 60 seconds of the opening scene : )

    - Athena

  3. Helene! I just saw one of those last night at he opening of the container store = epic. Athena, SRK love fo evah.


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