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Get Ready to Cry

If you're a cat lady or lad, an animal lover of any kind, or have ever had a mother, beware: this might make you tear up embarrassingly at work (not that any of us every look at/write blogs at work).

The kittens
Check out this report from Mental Floss' Weird Week in Review:

"A witness in March, Cambridgeshire, England saw a black cat being thrown from a car. It took two weeks of feeding to capture the cat, which was then taken to an RSPCA shelter. Animal advocates cleaned and treated the cat (and named her Jolie), but discovered she had recently given birth, so she was returned to the area from which she was captured. Jolie called out, but it became apparent she wasn’t calling the kittens, but to RSPCA inspector Jon Knight who accompanied her! The mother cat only moved forward when Knight moved to follow. Jolie led Knight to a stash of four dehydrated kittens behind a pile of wood. Knight said the kittens were so far from their starting point that there was no way he would have found them without Jolie’s guidance. The kittens, so young their eyes were not open, were taken to the shelter and nursed back to health."

If your emotions have taken hold of you and you need to read the full article from the local Cambridgeshire news, click here.

Jolie and the kittens
From here
There's just something about black cats. I know, with Halloween approaching, people are getting into the whole black-cats-are-in-league-with-Satan thing, but really I think they are the smartest cats. Our old black cat, Fuzzy, used to follow us on family bike rides all over the neighborhood. Somehow he could track our path and then match us by cutting through yards and alleys. We also kept him inside on Halloween so he wouldn't be inducted in some kind of Satanist ritual. Craziness. 

And while we're talking about baby animals: one time I was driving home on the interstate from the Indianapolis airport. I turned a bend and came by a police cruiser going reeeeally slowly in the left lane. I slowed down too (one too many tickets already) but had to pass him because he was only going 5-10 mph and I had places to go (naturally). When I passed, I looked over and between him and the lane divider was an entire family of geese - mama, papa and a flock of baby goslings! Now, they were probably at least a mile from the next spot where the officer could let them off the side of the road but he seemed to have every intention of guiding them to safety. Now that's what inspires my loyalty to the men/women in blue.
 I cried all the way home.


Note: I promise, this is not going to turn into a cutesy, baby animal blog (though I do have one more cat post planned) but I just had to share.

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