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Embarking on a New Voyage

Welcome to the new, revived and resurrected Voyage On blog! This little blog has served as my much-neglected travel journal since 2008 -- following me on life-changing trips throughout India and East Asia. But my attention wavered, and without the inspiration of a new trip to draw me back to my keyboard, I've left this page to fallow, waiting patiently for the seeds of inspiration to return.

Who would have guessed boredom would have been the key fertilizer? So now, I'm back with a vengeance, here to wage war on my own work apathy with a new and inspiring project ... I'm going to live an exciting, international life, even when I'm stuck writing from my plastic office chair.

In this blog, I hope to cover my thoughts, ideas, opinions, challenges, musings, wavering, shouts of joy and online wanderings. Let's talk about travel, Dolly Parton, fashion, driving in the rain, old barns, art, movies, hopping on trains, culture, ethnic food, loving largely and life in general. Sound good?

* The picture is mine, taken here.

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